If you've ever met Daniel Johnston, you realize he isn 't much of a conversationalist.  He can carry on polite chit chat and he often states the obvious, especially if it is taboo or something we might be embarrassed to say ourselves.  Some of it is hilarious, some of it is stirring, some of it is scary, but all of it seems to be notable.

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From the special features on the DVD for the movie
I love you Laurie. I always will. I won’t let you go. I won’t let you go.”  (thanks to Jenaro Rosales)

When I  said to Daniel (referring to growing up in WV and now being a well known artist), "Isn't it funny where life takes you?" , He replied, "Yeah, it takes you somewhere and dumps you off".......... We had a good chuckle.  Jodi Shannon

From a recording used in the movie "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" - |
"I believe in God, and I certainly believe in the devil. There’s certainly a devil, and he knows my name.”
  (thanks to Justin Sullivan)
SxSW - Cactus Cafe (March 2003) - "I have a new philosophy to treat every day as Christmas day - so go out and buy yourself a present every day and make every day Christmas day."
Waller, Texas (January 2003) - in a telephone interview regarding the saving of the FROG MURAL in Austin, Texas,  "Please let him stay!  He Never Hurt Anyone!"
Paris, Franc (July 2003) - "Viva la France" [probably thinking of Elvis Presley and "Viva Las Vegas"]

Berlin (July 2003) - "I'm a great fan of WWII....   I'm just glad we didn't all kill each other...."

Cambridge MA - Daniel walked out on stage, after a long ovation... silence.    A lady yells out "I love you, Daniel." 

Daniel smiles and says "Thank you, maiden."

The crowd erupts in laughter, even Daniel chuckles a bit.  That show was the best 20 minutes of my life.  (submitted by Eric L)

"Thanks for listening" - (polite for 'I don't know what else to say' fan hand-shaking)
"Next time, I promise, I'll do a better show." at the conclusion of his well-received Berlin concert that included an episode where he "lost it" - 1999.
"Careless soul" - sang in a record store in 1988, used on the CD "1990", and plays in the closing credits of the 1995 version of the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
"Are you entertained by deep despair?"
"You can't break a broken heart"
"God, I'll make you a deal.   Let me smile for a while, for real." (Fear Yourself, 2003)
"The sun is shining brightly, and the birds are singing pretty. What's the matter with me?"       (submitted by Danny Dalby)
"The sun don't shine in your TV!" (from Story Of An Artist - submitted by Rene)

"Tears that drip like blood.   Hearts that beat 'thud' 'thud'" - new song from 2007