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Lola Lighting My Baby Cares for the Dead
Fly Eye

Tell Me Now - by Überaffe
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Grievances - by The Pedestrians Pets
Mountain Top - by Tampopo
My Yoke Is Heavy - by Younolovebunny
Hey Joe - by Jacob Faurholt
Honey I Sure Miss You - by
Held the Hand - by Yonolovebunny
Impossible Love - by the Pedestrians Pets
Sadsac and Tarzan - by
The Sun Shines Down On Me - by Younolovebunny
Tell Me Now - by Tampopo + Ditte D
I Feel So High - by
Worried Shoes - by the Pedestrians Pets
Casper the Friendly Ghost - by
True Love WIll Find You In The End - by Jacob Faurholt

by Suncarrot Records  (thanks to Claus and Nis)


Danny Coughlan's cover of Daniel Johnston's devastating declaration of love quickens the pace to create an unexpected atmosphere of hope

New music: Crybaby – True Love Will Find You in the End

Hey Marseilles Valentines by 
Hey Marseilles

released 14 February 2012 
Produced by Hey Marseilles
Engineered by Colin Richey
Mixed by Matt Doctor at Bear Creek
Mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI 


Japon Record, a label from Buenos Aires, Argentina, released a Daniel Johnston tribute record. It features 34 songs from different artists of the underground local scene. 


It can be downloaded and listened to here:

Lauren Smith - Bettie RebelPeek A Boo  mp3 Lauren Smith
(Bettie Rebel)
MySpace link 
Peek A Boo mp3
  Islands  MySpace link perform
True Love Will Find You
Honey I sure Miss You
Storm Kills 4 is releasing an album with "I Live My Broken Dreams" on Smiling Handshake Records.  
Bloody Rainbow is on Donnie Witt's new album "OUTSIDER" Donnie Witt
Karen O And The Kids 
covers Daniel's "Worried Shoes" on the 
Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack.

Listen to it at FLAVORWIRE
Where The Wild Things Are
Mike Doughty's new album includes a cover of Casper The Friendly Ghost
Mike Doughty - Sad Man Happy Man
Richard Walters releases True Love Will Find You In The End as a single.  Listen to it on MySpace link Richard Walters
Keith Morris' cover of Casper The Friendly Ghost on Songs From Candyapolis mp3

Keith Morris - Candyapolis
Scotland's The Twilight Sad includes a cover of Daniel's Some Things Last A Long Time on their new EP "Here It Never Snowed.  Afterwards It Did" The Twilight Sad
Thinguma*jigSaw's new album 
"(awakeinwhitechapel)" has a cover of Daniel's "Walking The Cow"
Thinguam*jigSaw (awakeinwhitechapel) 
Beach House's new album "Devotions" (released on vinyl October 2007) has a cover of "Some Things Last A Long Time"
Pitchfork Review Here
Beach House Devotions
Matthew Good's new CD Hospital Music  includes "True Love Will Find You In The End" Matthew Good Hospital Music
TV On The Radio "Walking The Cow" Music Video
Thom Parker sings Daniel's "Life In Vain" on
Kramer's 21 cover tracks on "I Killed The Monster" from SecondShimmy records (buy it in ourSTORE)
Tom Wait's 3-CD album features his cover of "King Kong" previously distributed on Daniel's Tribute album DISCOVERED COVERED.   MORE HERE

M Ward's new album "Post-War" includes a take on Daniel's "To Go Home".   M Ward's tour continues through September 30, 2006.   MORE HERE

postwar image
Great cover of Daniel's "Wicked World" on The Doer's latest CD "Watcha Doin'"
Five songs from Beck's upcoming release, Guero, plus Beck's cover of Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in the End" aired on the March 10th episode of Fox Television's "The O.C."  
Bar-None Record's re-release of Kathy McCarty's 1994 album of Daniel Johnston COVERS "Dead Dog's Eyeballs"

It includes two BONUS tracks:
   "It's Over"
   "Love Wheel"
and three VIDEOS:

   "Living Life"
   "Rocket Ship"
   "Sorry Entertainer"

This album is available in our STORE!

Kathy McCarty's WEB SITE

Gerry Nobody's latest album available for free download: 
The Late Worm Avoids The Early Bird

Daniel's guest appearance of "Rin Tin Soldier" on Rule of Thirds album.

RECENT COVERS - this page features RECENTLY SUBMITTED COVERS  received by members or visitors

See COVERS page for a more complete list.  We've identified about 477 covers.   Do you know about others?
Tell us about your covers



Missing Photo

Aug 2017

Erika Pinktipps
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Polka Dot Rag
The What Of Whom

The Beatles

Lost And Found

Speeding Motorcycle
Live with Smutfish in The Netherlands

Honey I Sure Miss You
Artistic Vice
Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud
Continued Story

Daniel Johnston backstage in Boston 2009-10-15

Sept 4
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Daniel Johnston streaming radio
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