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A House For Daniel

October 6, 2005 - Daniel standing in front of the house still under construction - the roof has been completed, the brick, and the drywall on the interior is roughed out and ready to paint.  Cabinet makers have begun their work.

In September, Daniel's 82 year old mother fell and broke a hip - she returned home last week after surgery and rehabilitation in Tomball, Texas.

(click to enlarge)

August 23, 2005 - Updated photo of house under construction for Daniel. 

In this picture is Daniel and his parents.

(click to enlarge)

Situated next door to his parents, the building currently has the framing and enclosures.  As you can see, it has no doors, windows, roofing or interior finishing.

July 31, 2005
A foundation is ready to be poured for Daniel's house
next door to his parents in Waller, Texas
(click to enlarge)

A House for Daniel Johnston

July 31, 2005

Without all the needed funds in hand, Daniel's father has started on the construction of a house for Daniel in Waller, Texas, next door to his parents.   This will offer them some relief from the daily strain of living with a compulsive artist, and give Daniel the personal dignity of being on his own.   All this while still keeping loving eyes on his health and well-being.


WALLER, TEXAS - July 31, 2005     Daniel Johnston has been living with his parents in Waller, Texas since their move from West Virginia in 1993.  Mother, father, Daniel, cat and dog had loaded up to leave their life-long home built on the farm where Daniel's father grew up not far from the Ohio river valley.  Leaving friends, relatives, and countless attachments behind, it seemed that the move to Texas was the natural thing to do.  Texas has become Daniel's stomping grounds in the 80's, and Daniel's four siblings and ten nieces and nephews were in Texas - most very close to Waller.

Since the move, Daniel has received continued medical help that eventually brought him to the longest period of emotional stability in his adult life.  It was promising, but because Daniel could not hold a conventional job, his dependency upon his parents has continued.   Despite the attention and activity over his music and art, there was little prospect that his work could sustain him in their absence.

As time progresses, his aging parents (now 82 and 83 years old) are less able to cope with the daily and hourly demands that  living with a medicated manic-depressive includes.   Everyone still sought for Daniel the personal dignity of his living on his own.

With all these concerns looming for Daniel, key figures continued to pull for him.   Thanks to Ron English, his art began to get broad exposure.   He began touring with devout fan and personal confidant, Don Goede.  Collaborating with Brian Beatty, he published Rejected Unknown in 1999 - the first work in over five years.   That same year, Don Goede and Soft Skull Press published the biography "Hi How Are You - the definitive handbook of Daniel Johnston."    The word was getting out.

Daniel's father then signed with Gammon Records, who quickly put Daniel together with Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse.   The result was "Fear Yourself".   By 2003, Daniel was able to spend as much as several months a year on tour.

In 2004, with the release of DISCOVERED COVERED, there began to appear a vision of Daniel being able to make it without the constant care of his parents.  Jordy Trachtenberg (then of Gammon Records, now of Orchard Music) envisioned a 2-CD tribute album to bring broad attention to Daniel's music.   In that project, eighteen prominent artists generously contributed to the cover album, and 142 pieces of art placed for sale as part of the "benefit" to enable Daniel to live on his own.

The expressed intent of the project was to "build Daniel his own house" - preferably right next door to his parents to avoid the repeated traumatic failures of earlier attempts at living independently. 

When money from the DISCOVERED COVERED CD art sales became substantial, Daniel's father proceeded with hiring an architect to draft plans for a house next door to his on land owned by his father.   The house plans for Daniel were basically the mirror image (reverse floor plans) of his father's house, but scaled back overall in the number of rooms and size.

In July, they cleared trees and laid frames for the foundation.   Last week a water well was drilled for the house.  That is the current state of construction seen in the [bottom] picture.

Daniel has alternating consternation and excitement about the pending changes.   It seems that he really dreads what it might mean to be in a house by himself, but he also anticipates some new freedom and perhaps a renewed sense of personal worth.  

For the moment, though, the noisy sounds of construction next door has done little to distract Daniel from his frenzied music-listening, song-writing and drawing in the garage of his parents house.




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