Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Daniel Johnston
On Saturday, January 22nd (Daniel Johnston's 50th birthday)
      - Daniel made an appearance at the FROG MURAL in Austin, Texas and performed for Fans
      - Daniel's new STREAMING RADIO had it's kick-off show at 8 pm
      - Fans called the HOT LINE (936-463-4688) to leave a birthday wish for Daniel
      - Fans submitted COVERS and VIDEOS wishing Daniel a Happy Birthday

SOME of your messages are shared below!    Thank you for helping helped us celebrate Daniel's birthday!
Daniel's appearance Jan 22nd at the Austin FROG MURAL
Pictures of Daniel comic book shopping http://twitpic.com/3sguyj
Pictures and blog from Scott Wade http://blog.scottwade.com/2011/01/daniel-johnston/
Photos by Scott Wade Daniel Johnston at the MURALWALL in Austin, TexasDaniel Johnston at the Austin Texas MURAL
BrooklynVegan.com about the wall appearance http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2011/01/daniel_johnston_16.html
Photos by Ryan Barkan Ryan Barkan
Ryan Barkan
Ryan Barkan
Photos by Dick Johnston Daniel at the wall in Austin Texas January 22ndDaniel at the wall in Austin Texas Jan 22ndDaniel with Gabe Sunday at the Wall Jan 22nd
Daniel at the MURAL wall in Austin, Texas Jan 22nd                Daniel with Gabe Sunday (actor in upcoming movie)
Daniel's birthday cakeBroadcasting Daniel's streaming radio Jan 22nd
Daniel's birthday cake!           Streaming Radio live Jan 22nd
Weiden & Kennedy, Primary Wave, and Gabe Sunday
Birthday party hosts at the wall with Daniel Jan 22nd
BrooklynVegan on the Fitzgerald's show Jan 14 http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2011/01/daniel_johnston_15.html
Videos from the show at Fitzgerald's in Houston, Texas on January 14th

True Love Will Find You In The End
 cover by Peter Piek