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Vintage Rock T-Shirts Daniel's Hi How Are You t-shirt art appears on the (outside) cover of the new book

Vintage Rock Tee-Shirts (paperback)
2007 Universe Publishing
Seth Weisser, Gerard Maione, Johan Kugelberg

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"Arm Pit Of The Mole"

Daniel's art is included in a compilation with other artists called the "Armpit of the Mole":


Launch dates:

-April 2003 the 9th, 6.30 pm at Air de Paris, 32 rue louise Weiss, 75013 Paris.

-April 2003 the 20th , 7pm at Etrany .de la Mota galleria, Passatge Mercader, 18,

08008 Barcelona.

-May 2003 the 21th, 7pm at Monya Rowe, 526 W. 26th Street #504 New York, NY 10001



The University of Texas requested that this drawing by Daniel's be included in textbooks as a example of contemporary symbolic art.


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Richard Meltzer used
Daniel's art on his book cover
"The Aesthetics of Rock"

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