Exhibit 1 - Daniel Johnston and Stephen Tompkins

These are photos, articles and art from the joint Art Exhibit held by Daniel Johnston and Stephen Tompkins at the Ironwood Industries Gallery, Austin, Texas on June 18, 1999
"The Art of Daniel Johnston and Stephen Tompkins"

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Around April 1999, Daniel and I met during one of his breaks at his shows. Daniel and I became friends and before I knew it, I was in Waller Texas with Daniel on a fairly regular basis, and also filming many hours of footage of Daniel - which have NEVER been seen by anyone - the footage is amazing...another story perhaps.. One of those days in Waller, I brought some photos of my art and Daniel decided we should do an art show. At the time, I was represented by Lisa Mason of Ironwood Industries and she took on the challenge of curating a collaborative exhibit complete with Sno-Cones and Cotton Candy. Daniel gave a great performance and we both sold a tremendous amount of art.

I wanted to send you numerous photos of a selection of my Daniel Johnston art collection, the press release, and photos of us (one with my wife) at the exhibit. (Daniel offered my wife Heather a 'flower' which was actually a piece of cotton candy - shown in the photo.)

I cannot sum up the 3 months that I was spending time with Daniel, other than to say that the range of humanity in this one human being is a blessing for us all - and with great happiness, I share these photos with your website.

A little about my art - I have been showing internationally - and I am represented by numerous galleries in both Europe and the US. My work has been published in the past 3 issues of Raw Vision magazine. My art can be viewed at www.stephentompkins.com

Stephen Tompkins
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